7. Labware

Catalog#ItemPack SizeUnit Price INRHSN CODEGST
26714PCR tube 0.2ml flat cap                                1000pc10003917329018
26715PCR strip with attach cap 0.2 ml flat cap      120 strips25003917329018
26716Microcentrifuge tube 1.5ml500pc5003917329018
26717Centrifuge tube  15 ml  non-sterilize            250each9503917329018
26718Centrifuge tube 50 ml non-sterilize              250each12003917329018
26719Urine container 50 ml non-sterilize               1000 each25003917329018
26720R.I.A tube 12 x 75 mm in PS                      1000 each8503917329018
26721R.I.A tube 12 x 75 mm in PP                        1000 each8503917329018
SP41117EZ-LINE Multiwell TC Plates, 6-well TC plate,50/case, Treated1CS13850.389873917329018
SP41123EZ-LINE Multiwell TC Plates, 12-well TC plate,50/case, Treated1CS13850.389873917329018
SP41135EZ-LINE Multiwell TC Plates, 24-well TC plate,50/case, Treated1CS14447.298363917329018
SP41207EZ-LINE Multiwell TC Plates, 96-well TC plate,50/case, Treated1CS14800.385583917329018
SP81136EZ-LINE T -Flasks Vented Caps, 25cm2 TC treated T-Flask with Filter cap,200 per case1CS31512.8463917329018
SP81186EZ-LINE T -Flasks Vented Caps, 75cm2 TC treated T-Flask with Filter cap,100 per case1CS23869.736553917329018
SP82286EZ-LINE T -Flasks Vented Caps, 175cm2 TC treated T-Flask with Filter cap,40per case1CS24453.386273917329018
HP136Nylon Membrane, 13mm,0.45UM, 100/Box17923.5643917329018
HP137Nylon Membrane, 25mm,0.45UM, 100/Box18319.74223917329018
HP138Nylon Membrane, 50mm,0.45UM, 100/Box114460.50433917329018
HP139Nylon Membrane, 50mm,0.22UM, 100/Box114460.50433917329018
BR006-100Flask-Brushes, 100ml1396.17823917329018
BR006-250Flask-Brushes, 250ml1396.17823917329018
BR006-500Flask-Brushes, 500ml1594.26733917329018
BR007-250Beaker Brushes, 250ml1594.26733917329018
BR007-500Beaker Brushes, 500ml1594.26733917329018
BR007-1KBeaker Brushes, 1L1792.35643917329018
NT020S1Nitrocellulose Membrane 0.22um 5(20x20cm)122193917329018
D0157-3Nylon Membrane1(20cmx3m)1150583917329018